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Essential Guidelines For Increasing Your Penis Size Naturally

The size of your penis is mainly determined by the family genes which are inherited. Sadly, there is nothing that you can do to change that, however, below are some great tips which can help you to improve your penis size the natural way. Men are usually more worried about penis size as compared to their partners, and those worries typically lie in the fear of not being capable of giving satisfaction or pleasure to their partners because of the size of their male organ. In the following paragraphs, we will mention several tips on how to make your penis bigger and stronger naturally.

1. Surgical Method for Penile Enlargement:

The lengthening of the male organ by this method typically takes the form of implants to enhance the circumference of the ligament which connects the bottom of the male member to the pelvis. It is a major surgical procedure performed on individuals under general anesthesia. Just like any other surgery, there is definitely a risk involved and the outcomes aren’t always what individuals expect. A typical side effect could be the rupture of the ligament and the inability to regulate the direction of the male organ. At times, during surgical procedures, there is a chance for some nerves to be cut off and the sensitivity in the penis can be totally lost. As a result, surgery is pricey as well as risky.

2. Non-Surgical Methods:

Non-surgical penis enlargement techniques can have the risk of intense trauma and the possible loss of sexual functionality if done incorrectly or excessively. The tissues of the male organ, the corpora cavernosa, are very sensitive and can be impaired.

i. Stretching By Hand

The technique of stretching using the hand, also known as Jelqing, has originated from the Middle East. Even though not recommended, it is most likely the easiest technique. Nevertheless, there isn’t any medical data to prove that this technique is useful at all. A breakdown of the arteries along with tearing of tissues might result in case this technique is used improperly or is exaggerated. Jelqing ought to be performed only in the semi-erect condition.

ii. Usage of Weights or Mechanical Devices

Male enhancement by using weights or mechanical devices might add some length, however, it is not really a permanent effect and is going to be reversed in case the practice is terminated. Too much traction could break the tissue of the male organ that may adversely impact the ability to attain erections and can also deform your penis. Furthermore, tightening too much might hinder the circulation of blood. This can result in loss of any sensation, and, in serious cases, tissue necrosis, that needs surgical treatment to correct it.

iii. Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps may produce penile enlargement, either temporary or permanent. However, they can cause a long-term deformation of the male organ because of scarring in case the suction is powerful enough to split the blood vessels.

It must be mentioned that one particular thing which affects the size of the penis is excessive body weight. It is strongly recommended to reduce body weight in order to have a bigger and stronger penis. You need to perform some physical exercise and enhance your overall health; it is the easiest way to enhance your sexual performance and also the length of the penis. Balanced and healthy diet would certainly be beneficial in cases like this. Learn more at www.howtogetbiggerpenisnaturally.com